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Issue 88 - A Mortician's Tale, Dead Static Drive and all our regular columnists. Cover by Alex Bertram-Powell - 65 Pages

Issue 87 - The Rebellion Issue - featuring Matthew Byrd, Bill Coberly, Harry Mackin, Megan Condis, Khee Hoon Chan, Amanda Hudgins, Brock Wilbur, Matt Sayer, Ben Sailer and many more - 102 pages

Issue 86 - The Family Issue - featuring Erik Weinbrecht, Megan Condis, Matthew Byrd, Sara Clemens, Carli Velocci, Harry Mackin, Melissa King, Michael Edwards and many more - 104 pages

Issue 85 - The Nonsense Issue - featuring Matt Sayer, Megan Condis, A. J. Moser, Harry Mackin, Khee Hoon Chan, Nicole Carpenter, Tiffany Kelly and many more - 96 pages

Issue 84 - The Monster Issue - featuring stories by Stephen Graham Jones, John Langan, Orrin Grey, Ross E. Lockhart, Gemma Files, Philip Gelatt, Scott Nicolay, Michael Calia, Livia Llewellyn, Laird Barron and many more - 136 Pages

Issue 83 - The Love Issue - featuring stories by Harry Mackin, Megan Condis, Joe Köller, Nicole Pacampara, A. J. Moser, Jack Yarwood and Simon Best and many more - 116 pages

Issue 82 - The Hate Issue - featuring stories by Taylor Hidalgo, Megan Condis, Matt Sayer, Harry Mackin, Amanda Hudgins, Logan Ludwig, Austin Price and many more - 116 pages

Issue 81 - The Body Horror Issue - featuring stories by Anthony McGlynn, Hazel Monforton, Austin Price, Matthew Byrd, Kaitlin Tremblay, Sarah Stang, Dominic Preston, Matt Sayer and many more - 126 pages

Issue 80 - The Kid Adventure Issue - featuring stories by Whittier Strong, Jason McMaster, Megan Condis, David Shimomura, Leo Johnson, Jose Cardoso, Austin Price, Trevor Strunk and many more - 116 Pages

Issue 79 - The Food Issue - featuring stories by Austin Price, Ben Sailer, Shahryar Rizvi, Jeremy Signor, Matt Sayer, Jeremiah Cheney, Michael Edwards, Hazel Monforton, Megan Condis and Logan Ludwig, with recipes by many more - 146 Pages

Issue 78 - The Good & Evil Issue - featuring stories by Matt Sayer, Hazel Monforton, Emma Kidwell, Michael Edwards, Amanda Hudgins, Taylor Hidalgo, Wilson Skomal, Megan Condis, Sara Clemens and many more - 130 pages

Issue 77 - The Bad Luck Issue - featuring stories by Peter Olafson, Tim Mulkerin, Logan Ludwig, Ashley Barry, C. T. Casberg, Will Harrison, Amanda Hudgins and Samuel Wicks and many more - 129 pages

Issue 76 - The Japan Issue - featuring stories by Katriel Paige, Bryan Mangan, Ed Blair, Don Becker, David Shimomura, Brian Crimmins, Steven Wright, Charles Dunbar and many more - 124 pages

Issue 75 - The inaugural issue of Unwinnable Monthly - The Women Abroad issue, featuring stories by Cara Ellison, Dina Abou Karam, Hazel Monforton, Vikka Perez-Puelles, Krista Grothoff, Elaine Reynolds and many more.