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Unwinnable's monthly exploration of the culture we love and the ways in which we love it.

Issue 8 - 15 pages - cover photo by Vikka Leoni - Featured entries: David Shimomura on the enduring appeal of live performance, Khee Hoon Chan on Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Andrew King on Dykes to Watch Out For, Stu Horvath on Ghostwatch, Harry Mackin on Teen Titans, Rob Haines on Gitaroo Man, an interrogation with the Amazing Kreskin and our usual selection of recommendations.

Issue 7 - 16 pages - Featured entries: Miranda Stewart on DIY film and fun; Amanda Hudgins on "This is America" parodies; Rob Haines on The Calculating Stars; Jake Pitre on Leftist film; Ben Sailer on Doom 2016's bathroom; an interrogation with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina writer Joshua Conkel and our usual selection of recommendations.

Issue 6 - 16 pages - Featured entries: Noah Springer on influence, Stalker and Annihilation; Nick Vogt on a summer of heavy metal; Levi Rubeck on I Am Setsua; Aimee Hart on Black Sails, Gingy Gibson on high school lit "classics" and The Rescuers; and an interrogation with best-selling author Andrew Schaffer.

Issue 5 - 15 Pages - Featured entries: Elijah Beahm on Star Wars canon confusion, Stu Horvath on sax solos, Gavin Craig on Silence, David Shimomura on Mission: Impossible 2, Stephen Wilds on Family Matters, Ben Sailer on Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and an interrogation with DJ Accident Report.

Issue 4 - 15 Pages - Featured entries: Will Partin on the canon of Dota 2 matches, Amanda Hudgins on Kesha's "Praying," Yussef Cole on An Unkindness of Ghosts, Rob Rich on the Godzilla franchise, Astrid Budgor on The Terror, Khee Hoon Chan on Pokémon Quest and an interrogation with game designer Teddy Dief (Hyper Light Drifter).

Issue 3 - 14 Pages - Featured entries: Khee Hoon Chan on art vs. the artist, Ben Sailer on Touche Amore, Stu Horvath on The Ballad of Black Tom, Alyse Stanley on Persepolis, Daniel J. Hogan on Freakazoid, Nick Vogt on Monster Hunter: World and an interrogation with game designer Jan Willem Nijman (Minit).

Issue 2 - 14 Pages - Featured entries: Stu Horvath on the infinity of culture, Khee Hoon Chan on Elephant Gym, Levi Rubeck on Monitor, Alyse Stanley on A Quiet Place, Thomas Wells on Deep Space Nine, Deirdre Coyle on Pinstripe and an interrogation with Kate Welch, game designer for Dungeons & Dragons.

Issue 1 - 15 Pages - Featured entries: Gavin Craig on canon, Levi Rubeck on Ultra Dolphins, Alyse Stanley on The Blind Assassin, Yussef Cole on Black Panther, Amanda Hudgins on The Jinx, Stu Horvath on Zork and an interrogation with Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance, Umbrella Academy)

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