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Issue 74 - The final issue of the Weekly - "The Ambivalent Side of the Force," by Stu Horvath; "I Love Luke," by Sara Clemens; "I Love C-3PO," by Gavin Craig; "I Love Leia," by AJ Moser; "I Love Han," by Jill Scharr; "I Love Chewbacca," by Evan Hayles Gledhall

Issue 73 - "Shaving with Tweezers," by Stu Horvath; "The Message, Received," by Matt Marrone; "Revving the Engine: 404Sight," by Stu Horvath; "What a Difference a Decade Makes," by Rob Rich; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Thirty-One," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 72 - "Words like Hammers, Sentences Like Bombs," by Stu Horvath; "The Essential Quality of Star Wars," by Roy Graham; "The Weeknd in the Wasteland," by Brendan Vance; "Why Verdun Matters," by Paul Schumann; "Mankind Divided, as is Science Fiction," by Josh Griffiths

Issue 70/71 - The Metal Gear Double Issue - "Call Me Snake," by Stu Horvath; "How I learned to stop worrying about Metal Gear Solid," by Jeremy Voss; "Running on Broken Glass," by Amanda Hudgins; "My Quiet Shame," by Rob Rich; "Phantom Politics," by Katriel Paige; "The Importance of Trivia," by Jack Yarwood; "Memeplay," by Jeremy Signor; "The Death of Beauty," by Justin Keever

Issue 69 - "Revving the Engine: Planet Alpha 31," by Stu Horvath; "A Pint-Sized Tour of Ireland," by Matt Marrone; "One Last Flight," Jason McMaster; "Game Over; Play Again?" by Riley MacLeod; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Thirty," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 68 - The Superhero Issue - "Revving the Engine: ADR1FT," by Stu Horvath; "Holy Totalitarianism, Batman!" by Matt Paprocki; "Super-Gat," by Holly Green; "Achievements: The Greatest Kryptonite," by Brock Wilbur; "A Brief History of Spider-Crap," by Michael Edwards

Issue 67 - Halloween - "The Scariest, Saddest Song of 2016," by Matt Marrone, "Co-op of Cthulhu," by D.M. Olson; "A Collection of Apocalypses," by Paul Tremblay; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twenty-Nine," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 66 - "Paint-Eater," by Heather Alexandra; "Death in the Design," by Anastasia Valens; "The World Ends with Youth," by Rob Haines; "A Ship of Broken Jedi," by John Wm. Thompson

Issue 65 - "I am Google Cardboard," by Matt Marrone; "Tron Bonne and the Family Business," by Brian Crimmins; "Back to the Couch," by Taylor Hidalgo; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twenty-Eight," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 64 - "Revving the Engine: Quest-Based Learning," by Stu Horvath; "The Promise of Stargazing in Destiny," by Matthew Kim; "Fearing Fear Itself," by Rob Rich; "The Inevitable," by Sayem Ahmed

Issue 63 - "Jesus Stalks," by Matt Marrone; "The Horror of Being Human," by Kaitlin Tremblay; "Salt Plays Itself," by Jane Riley; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twenty-Seven," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 62 - "Mad Max's Split Ambitions," by James Murff; "Letters from the Rapture," by Reid McCarter and Jed Pressgrove; "Gazing into the Beyond," by Corey Milne; "Cities Behind Glass," by Josh Hinke

Issue 61 - "A Matter of Time," by Matt Marrone; "Blood and Oil and Ads," by Harry Rabinowitz; "The Architecture of Infinity," by William Chyr; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twenty-Six," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 60 - "None Up," by Stu Horvath; "Painting with Ghosts," by Declan Taggart; "Every Episode of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace Ranked in Order of Airing," by Brian Taylor; "Cassilda's Songs," by Bill Coberly; "Four Dollars an Hour," by Thos. West

Issue 59 - "Revving the Engine: Outlaws," by Stu Horvath; "Your Game Just Wants Some Space," by Matt Marrone; "An Open Field," by Ansh Patel; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twenty-Five," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 58 - "Senses All Turned Up," by Stu Horvath; "Peak of the Year," by Jed Pressgrove; "Animal Crossing is a Cracked Mirror," by Steven Messner; "Daydreams of Lightning," by Harry Rabinowitz

Issue 57 - "Breaking Up With My Xbox," by Matt Marrone; "The Indie Frontier," Charles Singletary Jr.; "Thoughts on the Internet's Teen Angst," by David Wolinsky; "The Breaking Point," by Brock Wilbur; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twenty-Four," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 56 - "Orange Sea Bed," by Jose Cardoso; "Unpickleable: Shrub Lessons," by Melinda Bardon; "Shaping Worlds," by Kaitlin Tremblay; "Feudal Pakistan," by Shahryar Rizvi

Issue 55 - "All Out of Bubblegum," by Matt Marrone; "What Kids These Days Think About Videogames, Vol. 2," by David Wolinsky; "Treasure: The Moment," by Rob Haines; "Value, Price and Uncertainty," by David Carlton

Issue 54 - "Revving the Engine: The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti," by Stu Horvath (Sponsored by Unreal Engine 4); "Nobody's Getting Rich," by Mitch Bowman; "A Season in Hell," by Luke Pullen; "Through a Lens, Digitally," by Argun Ulgen

Issue 53 - "Not So Empty Nest," by Matt Marrone; "Who Was Satoru Iwata?" by David Wolinsky; "Magic Surrealism," by Brian Taylor; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twenty-Three," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 52 - "A Link to Laziness," by Logan Ludwig; "An Appreciation of Witcher's Work," by Stu Horvath; "How Wolfenstein Graduated from World War II to Vietnam," by Bryant Francis; "A Good Start," by Alec Kubas-Meyer

Issue 51 - "The Seinfeld OASIS," by Matt Marrone; "The Shenmue III Kickstarter: A Dissent," by David Carlton; "A Tale of Two Women," by Claire Hosking; Dungeon Crawler, Party Twenty-Two," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 50 - "Revving the Engine: Dead Static Drive," by Stu Horvath; "D-Construction," by Brian Crimmins; "Lightning in a Bottle," by Ian Snyder; "A Toast to Fandom!: E3 2015," by David Wolinsky and Stu Horvath

Issue 49 - "Ace of Vase," by Matt Marrone; "Bad Penny," by Stu Horvath; "The Circus of Values," by Joe Köller; "Dungeon Crawler, Episode Twenty-One," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 48 - "New Jams," by Mitch Bowman; "Stop Right There, Criminal Scum!" by Daniel Horowitz; "Transmission from the Depths," by Jose Cardoso; "Publicity Trepiditon," by Jed Pressgrove

Issue 47 - "What FitBit has that Apple Watch Doesn’t," by Matt Marrone; "Books and Their Covers," by Stu Horvath; "Kharak is Burning," by Joe DeMartino; "Bang! Bang! Bang!" by Reid McCarter and Patrick Lindsey; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twenty," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 46 - "What Kids These Days Think About Videogames, Vol. 1," by David Wolinsky; "The Waitress," by Bill Coberly; "Full Games," by Anthony McGlynn; "Killing God with Heavy Artillery," by Corey Milne

Issue 45 - "The Apple Watch's First Killer App," by Matt Marrone; "The Sign," by Logan Ludwig; "Fury Road and Personhood," by Amanda Wallace; "Fine Art Fatalities," by Stu Horvath

Issue 44 - The Apocalypse Issue -"Bad Shit," by Joe DeMartino; "Mad Max, Now More Than Ever," by Michael Edwards; "Eschatology," by Stu Horvath; "Riding in the Wasteland," by Kenneth Lucas; "Surviving the Apocalypse? Fuck that Shit!" by Ed Coleman; special guest artist Aaron Lee Hawn; plus an Apocalyptic Bibliography

Issue 43 - "Christmas Eve, 2020 AD," by Matt Marrone; "Actually its about Ethics in Shilling Videogames," by David Wolinsky; "The Woods are Dark and Deep," by Stu Horvath; "Notes on a Relationship with Faith No More," Gus Mastrapa

Issue 42 - "Getting Older," by Mitch Bowman; "A Garden Growing in Two Directions," by Joe Koeller; "A Weekend in April," by Stu Horvath, Davis Cox and David Wolinsky; "Gaming with my Twin," by Andrea Ayres; "Avengers Assembled!" by Rowan Kaiser

Issue 41 - "Master of None*," by Matt Marrone; "Here Be Dragons," by Stu Horvath; "The Open Road," by Stephanie Vidot; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Nineteen," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 40 - "Five Stars," by Alec Kubas-Meyer; "Toy Box II," by Stu Horvath; "A Dark Age of Infinite Scope," by Luke Pullen; "Southern Blood," by Leo Johnson

Issue 39 - "The First - And Last - Workweek Hustle," by Matt Marrone; "Divine Constraint," by L. Rhodes; "Matt Murdock Finally Gets His," by Michael Edwards; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Eighteen," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 38 - "Leonard Cohen's Guitar Teacher," by Matt Marrone; "Skramz Splits," by Mitch Bowman; "The Hags of Black Woods," by Stu Horvath

Issue 37 - "Something Has to Change in Videogames: Everything & Everyone," by David Wolinsky; "Toy Box," by Stu Horvath; "Preludes to Kentucky Route Zero," by Oscar Strik; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Seventeen," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 36 - "Apotheon/Apollyon," by Stu Horvath; "GDC Class of 2015," by Amanda Wallace; "You’re in High School Again: No Recess, Just Videogames at GDC 2015," by David Wolinsky; "Hell and Back," by Joe Parlock

Issue 35 - "Leonard Nimoy and the Chocolate Factory," by Matt Marrone; "The Tyranny of the Fan," by Stu Horvath; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Sixteen," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 34 - "The Footprints of Envy," by Mitch Bowman; "Snowfall," by Stu Horvath; "Suda 51, A Career: 2015-2051," by Miguel Penabella; "Dear Space Marine," by Aurelius Ventro

Issue 33 - "Two Gangsters, One Movie," by Matt Marrone; "Fleshy Disorder," by Luke Pullen; "Steamjunk," by Stu Horvath; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Fifteen," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 32 - L. Rhodes guest editorial; "Growing Up In Darkshore," by Liam Gibbons; "Target For Change," by Jeremy Signor; "Home is the Zailor, Home from the Zee," by Stu Horvath; Brian Crimmins revisits Phantasy Star Online.

Issue 31 - "Tales from the Boat House," by Matt Marrone; "The Unseen," by Stu Horvath; "900 Eggs for Breakfast," by L. Rhodes; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Fourteen," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 30 - "Folk Plays," by Joe Parlock; "The Analog Videogame Engine," by Stu Horvath; "Verse and Controller," by J. Stephen Addcox; "Why Do I Want to Be a Woman?" by Andrew Grey

Issue 29 - "Deliver the Message," by Matt Marrone; "Requiem for a Dungeons & Dragons Character," by John McGuire and Stu Horvath; "The Audience Can Kill," by Holly Green; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Thirteen," by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 28 - "Old Hands," by Erik Weinbrecht; "Artificial Love," by Erika Barcott; "Null State," by Javy Gwaltney; "Dear Space Marine," by Aurelius Ventro

Issue 27 - "We are Meant to Find Poetry" by Matt Marrone; "The Biggest Choice You’ll Never Make" by Rowan Kaiser; "Notes on Dungeons & Dragons" by Stu Horvath; "More Than Met Almost Everyone’s Eye" by Ryan Rigney.

Issue 26 - The Holiday Special Issue - Featuring writing and art by Amber Harris, Gustav Dore, Erika Barcott, Melinda Bardon, Kenneth Lucas, Corey Milne, Joe DeMartino, Luke Arthur, Chris Martinez, Michael Edwards, Sara Clemens, Gavin Craig, Aurelius Ventro, Stu Horvath and Brian Daly

Issue 25 - ""New Peaks" by Matt Marrone; "The First Step" by Brian Crimmins; "Evil Within" by Stu Horvath; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Twelve" by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 24 - "The Lesson of the Golden Keys," by Erika Barcott; "Burning the Library," by Hazel Monforton; "It Belongs in a Museum!" by Steve Haske; "Dear Space Marine," by Aurelius Ventro

Issue 23 - "The Dick Van PSYCHE! Show" by Matt Marrone; "Finding Cullen" by Joe DeMartino; "Men Bite Dog" by Ian Gonzalez; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Eleven" by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 22 - "Depth of Field" by Gavin Craig; "This War of Ours" by Luke Arthur; "Finding Rosebud" by Matt Perez; "The Vid-Game Law" by Corey Milne

Issue 21 - "Oh, the Horror!" by Ethan Sacks; "Don't Go On the Subway" by Jill Schaar; "White Ruination" by Ed Coleman; "Halloween Quest" by Stu Horvath; "Horrorgame" by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 20 - Stu Horvath condemns GamerGate; "Backward Flow" by Luke Pullen; "Practice" by Shawn Alexander Allen; "Cards are Told" by Marjorie Jenson; "Dear Space Marine" by Aurelius Ventro

Issue 19 - "May the Maelstrom Rest in Peace" by Matt Marrone; "A Longer Time Ago..." by Adam Boffa; "Neverending Horror" by Stu Horvath; "Dungeon Crawler, Part Ten" by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 18 - "I Shot the Centurion" by Joe DeMartino; "Milestones" by Jordan Minor; "Who Watches the Watcher" by Jill Scharr; "Through the Fog-Choked Streets" by Carli Velocci

Issue 17 - "Alex Colville and The Shining" by Matt Marrone; "Mining the Narrative" by Mary Alexandra Agner; "Inexorable" by Big Bossman Stu Horvath; "Dungeon Crawler, Pt. 9" by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 16 - "Adultish Aspirations" by Nathaniel Wattenmaker; "Teacher's Challenge" by Andrew Smith; "Safe Spaces" by Jeremy Signor; "How Joel Schumacher Saved Batman" by Brian Bannen

Issue 15 - "Every Fucking Day is Thanksgiving" by Matt Marrone; "Bluegrass and Atmosphere" by Marshall Sandoval; "Shapeshifters" by Stu Horvath; "Dungeon Crawler, Pt. 8" by Gus Mastrapa

Issue 14 - "A Certain Famous Rodent" by Ian Gonzalez; "Please, Read (Me):" by Juan Valdelomar; "Street Pass Self-Acceptance" by Cassidee Moser and "Definite About Its Purpose" by Ansh Patel.

Issue 13 - "Dispatches from the 2014 Newport Folk Festival" by Matt Marrone; "Interactive Thingers" by Stu Horvath; "Worthy Conflicts" by Owen R. Smith; "Dungeon Crawler, Pt. 7" by Gus Mastrapa.

Issue 12 - "Contest of Attrition" by Jeremy Signor; "Onoda's War" by Joe DeMartino; ""Mission: Unclear" by Edward Smith; "Dear Space Marine" by Aurelius Ventro

Issue 11 - "The Owls Are Not What They Seem" by Matt Marrone; "1989" by Michael Edwards; "The Templar Fable" by Stu Horvath; "Dungeon Crawler, Pt. 6" by Gus Mastrapa. Illustrations by Chris Martinez and Stu Horvath.

Issue 10 - "Catching 'Em All" by Jill Scharr; "A Talk With Zoe Quinn" by Brendan Keogh; "The Myth of Choice" by L. Rhodes. Illustrations by Amber Harris and Irene Koh.

Issue 9 - "Meet the Fiancee of the Year" by Matt Marrone; "Dance Dance Dance" by Jordan Mammo; "No Disintegrations" by Stu Horvath; "Dungeon Crawler, Pt. 5" by Gus Mastrapa. Illustrations by Chris Martinez and Djo Fortunato.

Issue 8 - “An Artist’s Statement” by Matthew Duhamel; “Rapture” by Corey Milne; “Death and Form” by Miguel Penabella; “Dear Space Marine” by Aurelius Ventro.

Issue 7 - "A Feast For Cowards or A Million Ways to Die in Westeros" by Matt Marrone; "Averting Our Gaze," by Zach Edwards; "Going Oldboy" by Owen R. Smith; "Dungeon Crawler, Pt. 4" by Gus Mastrapa. Illustrations by Stu Horvath.

Issue 6 - “Henry’s Invisible Collection” by Jeremy Voss; “Not a Number” by Ian Gonzales; “Vivienne” by Joe DeMartino; “We All Become” by Jill Scharr. With illustrations by Stu Horvath.

Issue 5 - "Alt Disney World" by Matt Marrone; "From a Great Height by Stu Horvath; "We Don’t Talk Anymore" by Rob Haines; "Dungeon Crawler, Part 3" by Gus Mastrapa. With illustrations by Amber Harris and Chris Martinez

Special Summer Fun Issue - Featuring writing by Stu Horvath, Owen R. Smith, Kris Ligman, Gus Mastrapa, Steve Haske, Jill Scharr, Don Becker, Richard Clark, Rob Haines, Erik Weinbrecht, Charles Francis Moran VII, Ken Lucas, Matt Marrone, Joe DeMartino, Michael Edwards and Ian Gonzales.

Issue 4 - "Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Get Dressed," by Jill Scharr; "12 Rounds and Down," by Owen R. Smith; "Marjorie," by L. Rhodes; "Song of Storms," by Sarah Ellen; "Dear Space Marine," by Aurelius Ventro; with illustrations by Chris Martinez, Stu Horvath and Amber Harris

Issue 3 - "One Angry Man," by Matt Marrone; "Hoary Night," by Steve Haske (with illustrations by Stu Horvath); "The Many Lives of Edward Thatch," by Stu Horvath; "Netrunner and My Kid," by Chris Dahlen; "Dungeon Crawler, Part 2," by Gus Mastrapa (with illustrations by Christ Martinez

Issue 2 - "The Ghosts of 'Gone Home,'" by Jill Scharr; "The Storyteller with a Thousand Faces," by Dennis Scimeca; "The Final Fate of G.I. Joe," by Ian Gonzales (with illustrations by Stu Horvath); "Note on 'Luftrausers,'" by Brendan Keogh; "Madness of an Architect," by Joe DeMartino

Issue 1 - "Why Did You Buy Unwinnable?" by Matt Marrone; "Three Months in a Dark Room," by Cara Ellison (with illustrations by Irene Koh); "EATEATEATEATEAT," by Stu Horvath; "Happy," by Richard Clark; "Dungeon Crawler, Part 1," by Gus Mastrapa (with illustrations by Chris Martinez).

Issue 0 - The prototype issue, containing reprints of stories by Chris Dahlen, Matt Marrone, Jenn Frank, Stu Horvath and Gus Mastrapa. It is supposed to be free, but our store front won't let us sell things for nothing. We promise to cherish that penny, though.