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In 2014, Unwinnable launched a weekly digital magazine, an eclectic mix of cultural criticism, fiction and general weirdness. The 28 stories contained in this volume, penned by some of the most respected voices in the industry, represent the best games writing published in Unwinnable Weekly's first six months.

Recent videogames like Dragon Age: Inquisition compete for space with weird old ones like Takashiís Castle. Youíll read stories about games that don't require screens, like Netrunner, pinball and Choose Your Own Adventures. You may also find that as much as Unwinnable's stories are about play, theyíre also about politics, horror, compulsion, love, death and the whole myriad of experiences that define our lives.

With an introduction by Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance and writer of the Eisner Award-Winning comic book series Umbrella Academy.